Technical Recruiting Services For Trading Industry Professionals

Recruiting Services For Trading
image At Next Step Systems, we have a range of opportunities within trading for Software Engineers, Quantitative Analysts, Trade Support Analysts, Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, FPGA Engineers, Traders and more.

With the growth of electronic trading in the 21st century, there are now many positions available as firms look to streamline their processes focusing on analytical skills, speed and the development of high frequency and high-quality algorithms that will give them a competitive edge. This is an industry that recruits the highest caliber of IT professionals out there. At Next Step Systems, we are committed to matching exceptional candidates with trading firm and hedge fund roles that provide the opportunity for long-term career progression to varied, fulfilling roles.

As a diverse and growing sector, the trading industry presents an opportunity for IT professionals either to grow and develop within a role or to enter the market and pursue a new and exciting career path.

We work with a variety of firms in Chicago, New York, Houston, London and beyond. Our clients in the financial services sector include international hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, investment banks, trading software companies, on-line brokerages, market data providers, start-up trading firms, trading software product vendors and many others.

Domain Expertise includes:

Electronic Trading Systems
Quantitative Trading and Research
Algorithmic Trading Open Source Software
Financial Engineering High Frequency Trading Systems
Front Office/Back Office
Derivatives Risk Management
Fixed Income Equities
Statistical Arbitrage Commodities