IT Professionals With Security Clearance

Security Clearance Jobs
image For those who are leaving military careers, the civilian life brings a whole new range of employment and career opportunities. Our soldiers and military personnel have demonstrated an exceptional work ethic, discipline, energy, and trustworthiness and are as such in demand within a number of professions. Within the IT sector, security-cleared technology professionals need to demonstrate many of the same personality skills that are on display in such abundance within the military. The need to interact with confidential, secret and top-secret information means that those with a proven track record of confidentiality compliance and reliability are highly in demand within the sector.

We work on a range of federal government contracts, helping candidates secure positions of responsibility that are stimulating, full of opportunity and suit the natural and learned skills that ex-military personnel can bring to roles in the civilian world. Our expert IT recruiters offer high-quality guidance on making these transitions and showcasing the abilities of candidates in order to help them find the best possible roles.

As with all roles, we pay close attention to screening of our candidates. Our experience within security clearance environments means that we are also ideally positioned to ensure that all specific requirements, qualifications and certifications are in place. The recruitment process moves smoothly, and both client and candidate are confident and at ease.

We have placed IT job seekers within a variety of information technology specialities, including Networking, Infrastructure, Programming, Engineers, Information Security, NOC, SOC, Help Desk and within all levels of Management.